Journal of Design Thinking, Vol. 1, No. 1, June 2021


Design Guidelines for implementation of User-Friendly Mass Customization Toolkits

صفحه 1-8
Hesamoddin Yavari؛ Ahmad Nedaei Fard؛ Ian Campbell؛ Matt Sinclair


Design Thinking in Large Companies and Design Consulting Firms in Japan

صفحه 9-22
Satoru Tokuhisa


Integrating Design Thinking in Service Design Process: A Conceptual Review

صفحه 23-36
Tapish Panwar؛ Kalim Khan


Design Thinking Applied in Higher Education: Exploring Participant Experiences

صفحه 37-44
Taryn Akgul؛ Jessica Brown؛ Bianca Milz؛ Kenneth Messina


An Overview of Co-Design: Advantages, Challenges and Perspectives of Users’ Involvement in the Design Process

صفحه 45-60
Matteo Antonini


Design Thinking-Based Internship; An Efficient Alternative for Hiring Product Designers

صفحه 61-70
Negin Yashmi؛ Elham Momenzade؛ Paria Adibzade؛ Sara Taghipour Anvari؛ Mohammad Saghafi؛ Shabnam Tajbakhsh؛ Kiarash Feridouni؛ Mohammad Sarikhani


Identifying Unspoken Desires and Demands: A Collection of Design Ideas for Living Room Furniture and Zones

صفحه 71-84
Esra Bici Nasir

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