A Validation Methodology for Urea Spray on Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

صفحه 157-168
İsmail Hakkı Savcı؛ Mehmet Zafer Gül؛ Ramazan Şener


Routing and avoiding collisions of autonomous robots in unknown environments with fixed and moving obstacles

صفحه 169-182
Alireza Makvandi؛ Hesam Makvandi


Use a biomechanical experimental setup to analysis the reliability of force plate postural control parameters in chronic ankle instability patients, copers and healthy control

صفحه 183-189
Somayeh Mohamadi؛ Mahyar Salavati؛ Amir Salar Jafarpishe


Comparative study on the lateral stability strength of laminated composite and fiber-metal laminated I-shaped cross-section beams

صفحه 190-203
Azadeh Soltani؛ Masoumeh Soltani


Plane waves in a micropolar fibre-reinforced solid and liquid interface for non-insulated boundary under magneto-thermo-elasticity

صفحه 204-218
Augustine Igwebuike Anya؛ Aftab Khan


Real Time Finite Element Simulation of Thick and Thin Sandwich Plate with Viscoelastic Core and Embedded SMA Wires

صفحه 219-243
Aidin Ghaznavi؛ Moahamd Shariyat


Energy, exergy and economic analysis of an improved Kalina cycle integrated with a proton exchange membrane fuel cell

صفحه 244-263
Armin Emamifar


Study of a Half-Space Via a Generalized Dual Phase-lag Model with Variable Thermal Material Properties and Memory-Dependent Derivative

صفحه 264-281
Amr Soleiman Hassan؛ Khalil Khalil؛ Mohamed Nasr؛ Essam Awwad؛ Fawzy Mohammed


Numerical simulation of the mixing layer problem based on a new two-fluid turbulence model

صفحه 282-296
Zafar Mamatkulovich Malikov؛ Akmal Axadovich Mirzoev؛ Murodil Madaliev


Functionally graded saturated porous structures: A review

صفحه 297-308
Masoud Babaei؛ Faraz Kiarasi؛ Kamran Asemi؛ Mohammad Hosseini

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب