Designing Combined EWMA-EWMA Quality Control Scheme

صفحه 1-11
A. Azarshab؛ H. Javanshir؛ S. Ebrahimnejad


Analysis of the Technical Efficiency of the ِDecision Making Units Making Use of the Synthetic Model of Performance Predictor Neural Networks, and Data Envelopment Analysis (Case Study: Gas National Co. Of Iran)

صفحه 13-29
mehdi ajalli؛ H. Safari


A New Approach for Joint Demand Management and Production Planning

صفحه 31-44
Ali Torabi؛ M. Allahverdilou؛ M. Moghaddam


Proposed a Genetic Algorithm for Inventory Planning Model in Project Supply Chain

صفحه 45-58
Ebrahim Teimoury؛ F. S. Mousavi


Solving Resource Constraint Project Scheduling Problems Using Modified Ant Colony Optimization

صفحه 59-69
K. Damghani؛ Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam؛ M. Tabari


Analyzing Effects of Policy Pricing on Household Energy Consumption of Country by System Approach

صفحه 71-81
mansooreh zarezadeh؛ S. F. Ghaderi؛ R. Tavakoli Moghaddam


A Framework for Using Custom Knowledge in e-Catalog Designs

صفحه 83-94
N. Ghanbari؛ Mohammad reza Gholamian


A Discrete Simulation Analysis of Customer Order Supply System: A Case Study (Technical note)

صفحه 95-102
Mohammad Reza Memar Jafari؛ Z. S. Gatmiry؛ M. Khakzar Bafrouei


A Train Scheduling Model by Considering the Train Stops for Prayer

صفحه 103-116
Masoud Yaghini؛ A. Mohammadzadeh

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