Identification of Factors Affecting the Privatization of Iran's Gas Refining Industry; an Integrated Approach Delphi- DEMATEL: Parsian Gas Refinery Co.

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Reza Eshgarf؛ Saeed Mirzamohammadi؛ Seyed Jafar Sajadi


Analyzing the Relationship between Contractor’s Qualification Measures and Project Quality in Research Projects: a Case Study

صفحه 151-166
Seyed Hossein Iranmanesh؛ Majid Shakhsi Niaei؛ Fateme Sobhani؛ Majid Abdollahzade


Designing a Residential Valuation Model through Analytic Hierarchy Process

صفحه 167-176
Kian Behdad؛ Mohammad taghi Isaai؛ Mandana Farzaneh


Developing a New Approach for Product Performance Evaluation Based on Balanced Scorecard: An empirical study of a Dairy Company

صفحه 177-188
Jafar Razmi؛ Hassan Mina؛ Meisam Nasrollahi


A Bi-objective Model for a Flowshop Scheduling Problem with Availability Constraint of Machines

صفحه 189-200
Mohammad Rezaei Malek؛ Reza Tavakkoli Moghaddam؛ Farshid Evaz Abadian


Performance Evaluation of Mazandaran Water and Wastewater by Data Envelopment Analysis and Artificial Neural Network

صفحه 201-213
Javad Rezaeian؛ Abbas Asgarinezhad


Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Integrated Lot-sizing and Scheduling in Flowshop Production Environment

صفحه 215-228
Reza Ramezanian؛ Mohsen Shafiei Nikabadi؛ Sahar Fallah Sanami


Robust Economic-Statistical Design of Control Charts - A Case Study in Automotive Industry

صفحه 229-241
Abdolsattar Safaei؛ Reza Baradaran Kazemzadeh؛ Mohammad Aghdasi


A Bender’s Decomposition Algorithm for Multi-objective Hub Location Problem Considering Stochastic Characteristics

صفحه 243-255
Saeid Abbasiparizi؛ Majid Aminnayeri؛ Mahdi Bashiri


Developing a Product Recommender System: Designing a Hybrid Model Using Data Mining Techniques

صفحه 257-280
Abbas Keramati؛ Roshanak Khaleghi


Designing an Expert System for Management of Crowding and Overcrowding in Emergency Departments

صفحه 281-292
Sara Hashemi؛ Ali Shokri؛ MohammadReza Amin Naseri؛ Hossein Akbaripour


English Abstracts

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