A low-level jet in eastern Iran: a possible factor in dust events in the region

صفحه 91-99
Sharon Nicholson


Climate change scenarios generated by using GCM outputs and statistical downscaling in an arid region

صفحه 101-115
Zhaofei Liu؛ Zongxue Xu


First observations of the aquatic invertebrate fauna in ephemeral Atacama River (22° S, Antofagasta Region, Chile)

صفحه 117-121
Patricio De los Rios Escalante؛ Konrad Górski؛ Patricio Acevedo؛ Manuel Castro


Simulation of climate change in Iran during 2071-2100 using PRECIS regional climate modelling system

صفحه 123-134
Iman Babaeian؛ Raheleh Modirian؛ Maryam Karimian؛ Mahdi Zarghami


Determination of optimized sediment rating equation and its relationship with physical characteristics of watershed in semiarid regions: A case study of Pol-Doab watershed, Iran

صفحه 135-144
Ali Talebi؛ A. Bahrami؛ M. Mardian؛ J. Mahjoobi


The most important climatic factors affecting distribution of Zygophyllum atriplicoides in semi-arid region of Iran (Case Study: Isfahan Province)

صفحه 145-156
Samira Sadat Fatemi؛ Mohammad Rahimi؛ Michele Bernardi


Climate diversity in line with agroforestry systems: studying technicalities of agroforestry systems and allied components in two diverse climatic regions (Warm climate vs. cold climate) (Case study: Kazeroun & Sepidan in Fars Province, I.R.Iran)

صفحه 157-166
Pardis Goudarzian؛ Mohammad Reza Yazdani


Low flow frequency analysis by L-moments method (Case study: Iranian Central Plateau River Basin)

صفحه 167-175
Amir Reza Keshtkar


Modeling of streamflow- suspended sediment load relationship by adaptive neuro-fuzzy and artificial neural network approaches (Case study: Dalaki River, Iran)

صفحه 177-195
Mohammad Tahmoures؛ Ali Reza Moghadamnia؛ Mohsen Naghiloo


Simulation of rice production under climate change scenarios in the Southern coasts of Caspian Sea

صفحه 197-206
Fatemeh Rabbani؛ Hossein Mohammadi؛ Ghasem Azizi؛ Daruosh Mazaheri


Column leaching experiments on saline soils of different textures in Sistan plain

صفحه 207-215
Elahe Sadat Hosseini؛ Masoomeh Delbari


Investigating strategies for optimum water usage in green spaces covered with lawn

صفحه 217-230
Maliheh Rabbani؛ Fatemeh Kazemi


Measure and comparison of economic, social and ecological sustainability of farming systems in the Marvdasht plain

صفحه 231-239
Hajar Hassanshahi؛ Hooshang Iravani؛ Zhila Daneshvar Ameri؛ Khalil Kalantari


The necessity of transgenic technology in sustainable production

صفحه 241-244
B. YAzdi Samadi؛ M. Valizadeh؛ ‌B. Baghban Kohnehrous


Effect of drought stress and salicylic acid on yield and mucilage content of the medicinal herb Plantago ovata Forssk

صفحه 245-252
Hosein Shekofteh؛ Hamid Shahrokhi؛ Elham Solimani

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