An Intelligence-Based Model for Supplier Selection Integrating Data Envelopment Analysis and Support Vector Machine

صفحه 209-241
Alireza Fallahpour؛ Nima Kazemi؛ Mohammad Molani؛ Sina Nayyeri؛ Mojtaba Ehsani


Predictors of PGSI: A Study of Pakistan Stock Exchange

صفحه 243-270
Muhammad Noor-ul-amin؛ Sadaf Noreen


Dynamic Competitive Supply Chain Network Design with Price Dependent Demand and Huff Utility Function

صفحه 271-305
Kaveh Fahimi؛ Seyed Mohammad Seyedhosseini؛ Ahmad Makui


Optimal Non-Parametric Prediction Intervals for Order Statistics with Random Sample Size

صفحه 307-322
Elham Basiri؛ Aylin Pakzad


Attraction–Selection–Attrition Theory in the Public Organization: The Effects of Personality Traits on Psychological Ownership with Regard to the Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence

صفحه 323-349
Hassan Danaeefard؛ Hamid Reza Boustani؛ Ahmadali Khaefelahi؛ Jalil Delkhah


New Approach for Customer Clustering by Integrating the LRFM Model and Fuzzy Inference System

صفحه 351-378
Ali Alizadeh Zoeram؛ Ahmad Reza Karimi Mazidi


Integration of the Decisions Associated with Maintenance Management and Process Control for a Series Production System

صفحه 379-405
Hassan Rasay؛ Mohammad Saber Fallahnezhad؛ Yahia Zaremehrjerdi


Dynamics of Risk Perception Towards Mutual Fund Investment Decisions

صفحه 407-424
Sujit Deb؛ Ranjit Singh

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