Identification of the change point in panel data using simultaneously EWMAA and CUSUM

صفحه 471-481
Karim Atashgar؛ Naser Rafiee


Evapotranspiration monthly using fuzzy neural network model and multiple regression model and comparing the results with real data of FAO Penman Monteith

صفحه 483-494
Nohammad Ehsanifar؛ Reza Ehtesham Rasi


Unrelated parallel machine scheduling with processing constraints and sequence dependent setup times

صفحه 495-507
Fardin Ahmadizar؛ Kasra Mahdavi؛ Jamal Arkat


Modelling the estimation of the optimum number of required equipment and manpower for operational processes under uncertainty conditions (case study: Textile industry)

صفحه 509-521
Bakhtiar Ostadi؛ Abolfazl Ghorbani؛ Reza Mokhtarian


Modeling the abusive of some doctors of patient trust using Markov chain and ZD strategy

صفحه 523-528
Ali Bahraini؛ Madjid Eshaghi Gorji؛ Ali Ghaffari


An mathematical model for surgery scheduling with considering Intensive Care Unit capacity constraint and multiple treatment routes

صفحه 529-545
Meysam Jafari Eskandari؛ Roozbeh Azizmohammadi؛ Nilofar Samadi


Multi-cycle and multi-product Integrated and two objectives model for Production Planning and maintenance considering storage capacity limitations and minimizing the work force changes approach

صفحه 547-559
Seyed Mohammad Hassan Hosseini؛ Milad Kolagar Daronkola؛ Hossein Amoozad


Modeling the diffusion of dexterity among workers in the multi-skilled resource-constrained project scheduling problem

صفحه 561-573
Amir Hossein Hosseinian؛ Vahid Baradaran


Performance Evaluation of Human Agents in Call Center Using Data Mining Approach

صفحه 575-584
Maryam Dolatshah؛ BabaK Teimourpour


Pricing in a two-tier supply chain under carbon emission control strategies

صفحه 585-596
Morvarid Rahnamaye Rahmani؛ Ataollah Teleizadeh


Modeling and forecasting economic growth by analyzing nonlinear time series

صفحه 597-608
Farideh Sobhanifard؛ Mohammad Reza Shahraki؛ Mohammad Anisseh


Application of option contract in Epidemic control using vaccination

صفحه 609-620
Nafiseh ُShamsi Gamchi؛ Ali Torabi


Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Strategic Decision Model Based on Social Costs Caused by Environmental Pollution

صفحه 621-632
Mohammad Fallah؛ Ozra Ghobadi


Simulation of a dual-echelon iron pellet Supply Chain using System dynamics

صفحه 633-643
Mir Ahmad Mohammadi؛ Ahmad Reza Sayadi؛ Ali Husseinzadeh kashan


Scheduling in two-machine robotic cells assuming tool switching time and dependency of the processing time ‎

صفحه 645-658
Vahed Moradi؛ Mahdi Yousefi Nejad Attari؛ Hiwa Farughi


Modelling and Optimization of Profile Response Experiments using Generalized Linear Models

صفحه 659-668
Rassoul Noorossana؛ Farhad Pazhuheian

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