Optimization of significant factors on the microbial decolorization of azo dye in an aqueous medium by Design of Experiments

صفحه 1-11
R. Palanivelan؛ P. M. Ayyasamy؛ S. Ramya


Convenient and Efficient Elimination of Heavy Metals from Wastewater Using Smart Pouch with Biomaterial

صفحه 13-31
R. Malik؛ N. Saini؛ S. Ahlawat؛ S. Singhal؛ S. Lata


The Effects of Nitrogen Fixing Tree (Leucaena leucocephala) and Mushroom (Pleurotus tuber-regium) on Spent Engine Oil Polluted Soil

صفحه 33-40
B. A. Adanikin؛ J. Kayode


Microbeads in Sediment, Dreissenid Mussels, and Anurans in the Littoral Zone of the Upper St. Lawrence River, New York.

صفحه 41-52
M. Schessl؛ C. Johns؛ S. L. Ashpole


Solute Transport for Pulse Type Input Point Source along Temporally and Spatially Dependent Flow

صفحه 53-70
R. R. Yadav؛ L. K. Kumar


Application of the Triangular Model in quantifying landfill gas emission from municipal solid wastes

صفحه 71-80
R. O. Yusuf؛ J. A. Adeniran؛ J. A. Sonibare؛ Z. Z. Noor


Three-dimensional analytical models for time-dependent coefficients through uniform and varying plane input source in semi-infinite adsorbing porous media.

صفحه 81-98
R. R. Yadav؛ V. Yadav


Adsorption and Leaching Behavior of Copper, Zinc and Lead Ions by Three Different River Nile Sediments at Aswan, Egypt

صفحه 99-114
M.N. Rashed؛ M. E. F. Toufeek؛ M. A. E. Eltaher؛ A.O. Elbadry


Adsorption of heavy metals (Cu, Mn, Fe and Ni) from surface water using Oreochromis niloticus scales

صفحه 115-122
E. E. Kwaansa–Ansah؛ D. Nkrumah؛ S. O. Nti؛ F. Opoku


Evaluating the effectiveness of Tamarindus indica partially activated seed coat biomass in removing of nitrates from aqueous solutions

صفحه 123-133
D. Srinivasulu؛ GRK Naidu؛ Pindi P. K.


Study of seasonal and spatial variability among Benzene, Toluene, and p-Xylene (BTp-X) in ambient air of Delhi, India

صفحه 135-146
A. Garg؛ N.C. Gupta؛ S.K. Tyagi


Experimental and Theoretical Study for Hydrogen Biogas Production from Municipal Solid Waste

صفحه 147-159
A. H. Ali؛ H. A. Al-Mussawy؛ M. T. Ghazal؛ N. J. Hamadi


Risk assessment and mitigation measures on the heavy metal polluted water and sediment of the Kolleru Lake in Andhra Pradesh, India

صفحه 161-178
S. Das Sharma


Model for the Treatment of Refinery Wastewater and expression of catabolic genes in Fluidized Bed Bioreactor using mixed bacterial consortium

صفحه 179-187
A. T. Ajao؛ M. O. Mustapha؛ S. E. Yakubu


Efficiency of Washing Techniques for Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Sludge

صفحه 189-198
Sumalatha J.؛ Naveen B. P.؛ Malik R. K.


Landfill Leachate Treatment through Electro-Fenton Oxidation

صفحه 199-209
S. Mohajeri؛ A. A. Hamidi؛ M. H. Isa؛ M. A. Zahed


Investigation of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Surface Sediments of Anzali wetland in North of Iran

صفحه 211-224
S. Shariati؛ A. A. Pourbabaee؛ H. A. Alikhani؛ k. A. Rezaei


Influence of Copper Oxide Nanoparticle on Hematology and Plasma Biochemistry of Caspian Trout (Salmo trutta caspius), Following Acute and Chronic Exposure

صفحه 225-234
E. F. Kaviani؛ A. S. Naeemi؛ A. Salehzadeh

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