Diversity, growth forms and rhodolith distribution: factors controlling the fabric of coralline algae of the early Miocene deposits, Cairo – Suez road, Egypt

صفحه 203-220
Mostafa Hamad


Geological, fluid inclusion and isotopic characteristics of the Gardaneshir Zn–Pb deposit, Central Iran

صفحه 221-232
Fatemeh Sabahi؛ Peyman Afzal؛ Mohammad Lotfi؛ Nima Nezafati


Effects of serpentinization degree on the geotechnical characteristics of ultramafic rocks in the southwest of Mashhad city (Iran)

صفحه 233-249
Salameh Afshar؛ Mohammad Ghafoori؛ Naser Hafezi Moghadas؛ Gholamreza lashkaripour


Calcareous nannofossils biostratigraphy of the Campanian-Danian interval, Gurpi Formation in the Zagros Basin, SouthWest Iran

صفحه 251-264
Saeedeh Senemari؛ Fariba Foroghi


Comparison between Salt crystallization weathering test and natural weathering in Mesozoic’s anisotropic rocks, a case study: Arakʾs Calcareous slates, Iran

صفحه 265-277
Parya Behzadtabar؛ MohammadHossein Ghobadi؛ Davood Fereidooni؛ Ali Asghar Sepahi


Analysis of fold and fault-related fracture systems development using image logs at Asmari Formation in the Rag Sefid Anticline, SW Iran

صفحه 279-292
Mehdi Yousefi؛ Seyed Morteza Moussavi؛ Mohammad Mehdi Khatib


Evaluation of soil pollution sources using multivariate analysis combined with geostatistical methods in Zanjan Basin, Iran

صفحه 293-304
Mehdi Boroumandi؛ Mashalah Khamechiyan؛ Mohammad Reza Nikoudel؛ Mohsen Mohammadzadeh


Late Cretaceous Echinoids from the Seymareh member (Lopha Limestone member), KabirKuh Anticline, Southwest of Iran

صفحه 305-350
Hossein Kamyabi Shadan؛ Hooshang Dashtban؛ Bagher Roshandel Arbatani؛ Fariba Foroghi


Petrography and Geochemistry of Quaternary travertines in the Ab-Ask region, Mazandaran Province- Iran

صفحه 351-365
Mohsen Ranjbaran؛ Somayeh Rahmani Javanmard


First mammal fossil locality from the late Miocene of Zagros, western Iran

صفحه 367-379
Zahra Orak؛ Majid Mirzaie Ataabadi؛ Ali Solgi؛ Mahmoud Reza Majidifard؛ Dimitris Kostopoulos


Quaternary Loess Deposits of Wadi Gaza in the Middle of the Gaza Strip, Palestine

صفحه 381-393
Khalid Fathi Ubeid


Pore throat size characterization of carbonate reservoirs by integrating core data, well logs and seismic attributes

صفحه 395-410
Ali Kadkhodaie؛ Sirous Hosseinzadeh؛ Hossein Mosaddegh؛ Rahim Kadkhodaie

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