Exploring Relevance as Truth Criterion on the Web and Classifying Claims in Belief Levels

صفحه 1-12
Fairouz Zendaoui؛ Walid Khaled Hidouci


Classification of Brain Tumor by Combination of Pre-Trained VGG16 CNN

صفحه 13-25
Ouiza Nait Belaid؛ Malik Loudini


Online Buying Behavior among University Students: A Cross Cultural Empirical Analysis

صفحه 26-39
Maqsood Hussain Junaidi؛ Mohammad Saleh Miralam


Implementation of Face Recognition Algorithm on Fields Programmable Gate Array Card

صفحه 40-58
Fatima Zohra Allam؛ Latifa Hamami-Mitiche؛ Hicham Bousbia-Salah


Revolution of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Objects in the Customer Journey and the Air Sector

صفحه 59-69
Hadjer Saadi؛ Rachida Touhami؛ Mustapha C.E. Yagoub


Improving LoRaWAN Performance Using Reservation ALOHA

صفحه 70-78
Dina M. Ibrahim


Policy Model for Sharing Network Slices in 5G Core Network

صفحه 79-89
Mohammad Ali Hammoudeh


Comparative Study between Hologram Technology and Augmented Reality

صفحه 90-106
Doaa M. Elmahal؛ Asma S. Ahmad؛ Alaa T. Alomaier؛ Reem F. Abdlfatah؛ Dina M. Hussein


Top Benefits and Hindrances to Cloud Computing Adoption in Saudi Arabia: A Brief Study

صفحه 107-122
Arwa Albelaihi؛ Nabeel Khan


Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Automatic Cyber Bullying Detection in Arabic Social Media

صفحه 123-130
Bedoor Y. AlHarbi؛ Mashael S. AlHarbi؛ Nouf J. AlZahrani؛ Meshaiel M. Alsheail؛ Dina M. Ibrahim


The Impact of Dynamic Balanced Scorecard in Knowledge-Intensive Organizations’ Business Process Management: A New Approach Evidenced by Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in Latin America

صفحه 131-152
Fernando Yanine؛ Felisa M. Cordova؛ Claudia Duran


Green Energy Generation in Buildings: Grid-Tied Distributed Generation Systems (DGS) With Energy Storage Applications to Sustain the Smart Grid Transformation

صفحه 153-162
Antonio Sanchez-Squella؛ Fernando Yanine؛ Aldo Barrueto؛ Antonio Parejo


The Role of Parental Mediation in the Relationship between Adolescents’ Use of Social Media and Family Relationships in Saudi Arabia

صفحه 163-183
Najwa Albeladi؛ Emma Palmer


IRHM: Inclusive Review Helpfulness Model for Review Helpfulness Prediction in E-commerce Platform

صفحه 184-197
Yasamyian Almutairi؛ Manal Abdullah

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