Use of ANFIS/Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network to Predict Inorganic Indicators of Water Quality

صفحه 155-164
Majid Mohadesi؛ Babak Aghel


Numerical Modelling and Industrial Verification of Ethylene Dichloride Cracking Furnace

صفحه 165-185
Afshin Fahiminezhad؛ Seyed Mohsen Peyghambarzadeh؛ Mohsen Rezaeimanesh


The Multivariable Control of Carbon Dioxide Absorption System using the Proportional Integral Plus (PIP) Controller

صفحه 187-204
Fereshte Tavakoli Dastjerd؛ Jafar Sadeghi


Investigation of Stability and Rheology of Produced Heavy-Oil Emulsions Formed due to Steam Injection

صفحه 205-222
Abeer M Rashed؛ Ebtisam Folad


Experimental Investigation and Modelling of Asphaltene Precipitation during Gas Injection

صفحه 223-234
Neda Hajizadeh؛ Gholamreza Moradi؛ Siavash Ashoori


Sizing, Parametric Investigation and Analysis of Automated Sucker Rod Pump using Beam Pump Simulators

صفحه 235-251
Charles Osaretin؛ Stephen Butt؛ M. Tariq Iqbal


A Predictive Correlation for Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium of CO2 + n-Alkane Ternary Systems Based on Cubic Mixing Rules

صفحه 253-272
Seyed Mohammad Arzideh؛ Kamyar Movagharnejad


Cuttings Transport Modeling in Wellbore Annulus in Oil Drilling Operation using Evolutionary Fuzzy System

صفحه 273-283
Reza Rooki؛ Seyed Mohammad Reza Kazemi؛ Esmaeil Hadavandi؛ Seyed Mahmood Kazemi


Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium for Ternary Systems Containing Biodiesel+ Glycerol+ Alcohol (Ethanol or Methanol): Thermodynamic Modeling

صفحه 285-295
Majid Mohadesi


Thermodynamic Modeling of the Gas-Antisolvent (GAS) Process for Precipitation of Finasteride

صفحه 297-309
Mohammad Najafi؛ Nadia Esfandiari؛ Bizhan Honarvar؛ Zahra Arab Aboosadi


Improving CO2 /N2 and CO2/H2 Selectivity of Hypercrosslinked Carbazole-Based Polymeric Adsorbent for Environmental Protection

صفحه 311-321
Pegah Najafi؛ Hamid Ramezanipour Penchah؛ َAhad Ghaemi


Sensitivity Analysis and Prediction of Gas Reservoirs Performance Supported by an Aquifer Based using Box-Behnken Design and Simulation Studies

صفحه 323-339
Amir Hossein Saeedi Dehaghani؛ Saeed Karami

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب