Formation and Performance Evaluation of Colloidal Dispersion Gels Prepared Using Sulfonated Polyacrylamides and Chromium (III) Acetate

صفحه 1-10
Reza Rahimi؛ Amir Hossein Saeedi Dehaghani


Optimization Technique for the Evaluation of Physiochemical Properties of Cationic Surfactant in Presence of Alkali / Metal Halide Salt and their Effects on Acidic Crude Oil

صفحه 11-32
Mohd Bilal Khan؛ Shams Anwar


Conversion of Gas-Solid Reactions of the Flat Plate Particles with Unchanged Size Using the Shrinking Core Model

صفحه 33-51
Ehsan Zangooei؛ Mohammad Reza Talaghat


Molecular Design and Dynamic Simulations of Some Novel Antioxidant Lubricant Additives

صفحه 53-67
Abdulfatai Usman؛ Adamu Uzairu؛ Sani Uba؛ Gideon Adamu Shallangwa


COD Reduction in Petrochemical Wastewater Using the Solar Photo-Fenton Process

صفحه 69-81
Majid Mohadesi؛ Babak Aghel؛ Mohammad Hamed Razmegir


Ammonia Based Pretreatment Optimization of Cornstover Biomass Using Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Neural Network

صفحه 83-97
Ketema Beyecha Hundie


Application of Electric Mixing Method to Increase Industrial Crude Oil Dehydration Efficiency

صفحه 99-115
Hamidreza Bagheri؛ Sattar Ghader؛ Forough Hosseinpour


Experimental Investigation of Drag Reduction in Turbulent Flow Using Biological and Synthetic Macromolecules: A Comparative Study

صفحه 117-137
Behrouz Raei؛ Seyed Mohsen Peyghambarzadeh


Effects of Hydrophobic Silica on the Performance of Silicone-Based Antifoams

صفحه 139-149
Majid Ghiass؛ Atieh Askarizadeh؛ Hossien Bouhendi؛ Gholamreza Bagheri Marandi؛ Ghasem Naderi


The Comparison of Three Metallic, Organic, and Polymeric Crosslinked HPAM Gels for Water Conformance Applications

صفحه 151-161
Mohammad Dehdari؛ Ghodratollah Hashemi Motlagh؛ Ali Nakhaee


An Intelligent Approach to Predict the Viscosity of Water/Glycerin Containing Cu Nanoparticles: Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Model

صفحه 163-175
Reza Beigzadeh


Catecholamine Coated Maghemite Nanoparticles for Asphaltene Adsorption/Desorption Process

صفحه 177-187
Behruz Mirzayi؛ Ali Nematollahzadeh؛ Mohsen Rasouli؛ Hadi Seyyedbagheri

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