Using allelopathic effects of drought-tolerant plant extracts to produce natural weed controllers

صفحه 183-198
F. Kazemi؛ M. Jozay؛ M. Ebrahimi


Investigation of pollution and ecological risk of heavy metals (cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel and lead) in the falling dust of Tehran, Iran

صفحه 200-214
F. Arsalani؛ M. Khoddam؛ Sh. Mohammadkhan؛ S. Arsalani


Comparison of carbon pool in habitats of Zygophyllum atriplicoides Fisch. & C.A.Mey. and Artemisia sieberi Besser. in Luchunasi rangelands (Southeastern Iran)

صفحه 215-225
M. Shirzaei؛ M. Ebrahimi؛ M. Saberi


Investigating the role of meteorological drought and geodetic factors on land subsidence vulnerability using fuzzy overlay

صفحه 227-245
M. Talebiniya؛ H. Khosravi؛ Gh. Zehtabian؛ A. Malekian؛ H. Keshtkar


Interspecific association and species composition of plants affected by erosion winds in the south west of Iran

صفحه 247-258
Z. Mohebi؛ L. Khalasi Ahvazi


Estimation of actual evapotranspiration using SEBAL and METRIC algorithms and validation with lysimetric data in arid regions

صفحه 259-276
V. Davarzani؛ M. Vafakhah؛ H.R. Moradi


Comparing the efficiency of WOE and EFB models for spatial pattern analysis of land degradation (case study: Qazvin plain)

صفحه 277-290
A. Abolhasani؛ Gh.R. Zehtabian؛ H. Khosravi؛ O. Rahmati؛ E. Heydari Alamdarloo؛ P. D’Odorico


The reciprocal effect of global warming and climatic change (new perspective): A review

صفحه 291-305
S.K. Alavipanah؛ M. Mansourmoghaddam؛ Z. Gomeh؛ E. Galehban؛ S. Hamzeh


Evaluation of intercropping indices and fatty acid composition of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

صفحه 307-313
F. Salari؛ Sh. Khalesro؛ Gh.R. Heidari؛ H. Ghobari


Investigation sand dune stabilization using the Acrylamide Co Acrylic Acid Polymer: a laboratory study

صفحه 315-328
Z. Feizi؛ A.R. Shakeri؛ A. Ranjbar Fordoie


Evaluation of the classification accuracy of NDVI index in the preparation of land cover map

صفحه 329-341
M. Mansourmoghaddam؛ I. Rousta؛ H.R. Ghafarian Malamiri


Identifying the most important traits affecting grain yield of wild wheat (Triticum boeoticum) under drought stress conditions

صفحه 342-352
S.S. Moosavi؛ F. Abdi؛ M.R. Abdollahi؛ S. Tahmasebi Enferadi؛ M. Maleki


Remote sensing-based monitoring of the spatiotemporal characteristics of drought using hydro-meteorological indices

صفحه 343-358
N. Moazami؛ A. Keshtkar؛ S. Hamzeh؛ S. Mirzaei؛ H. Keshtkar؛ A. Afzali

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