Investigation of soil physico-chemical properties in playa wetlands (Case study: Daryacheh-Namak

صفحه 1-14
Gh.R Zehtabian؛ m.k Kianian؛ a. Salehpour jam


Effect of proline, soluble carbohydrates and water potential on resistance to salinity of three Salsola species (S.rigida, S. dendroides, S.richteri)

صفحه 15-20
a. Teimouri؛ M. jafari؛ h. Azarnivand


Limnological and pollution study of Shahdadroud River, Kerman province

صفحه 21-26
k. Rezaei Tavabe؛ M.A Zare Chahouki؛ A. Yazdanpanah؛ A. Vazirzadeh


Potential use of Iranian rhizobial strains as plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and effects of selected strains on growth characteristics of wheat, corn and alfalfa

صفحه 27-35
A.H Alikhani؛ B. Yakhchali


Role of rural women in operation, protection and restoration of natural resources in desert plains; Case study: Khuzestan province

صفحه 37-42
M. Ghadiri Masoum؛ M. Ghanian


Estimating river suspended sediment yield using MLP neural network in arid and semi-arid basins Case study: Bar River, Neyshaboor, Iran

صفحه 43-52
H. Memarian Khalilabad؛ S. Feiznia؛ K. Zakikhani


Statistical model of daily flow in arid and semi arid regions

صفحه 53-62
A. malekian؛ T. zinati؛ SH. Khalighi Sigaroudi


Relative salt tolerance of south Khorasan millets

صفحه 63-70
M. Kafi؛ gh. Zamani؛ gh. GHoraishi


DEM-based analysis of morphometric features in humid and hyper-arid environments using artificial neural network

صفحه 71-82
A.H Ehsani؛ F. Quiel


Floodplain mapping using HEC-RAS and GIS in semi-arid regions of Iran

صفحه 83-93
A. Salajegheh؛ M. Bakhshaei؛ S. Chavoshi؛ A.R Keshtkar؛ M. Najafi Hajivar


Association of the whole blood potassium polymorphism with resistant to saline in two sheep breeds of different climates of Iran

صفحه 95-99
H. Moradi Shahrbabak؛ M. Moradi Shahrbabak؛ H. Mehrabani Yeganeh؛ Gh. Rahimi


CCA application for vegetation - environment relationships evaluation in arid environments (southern Khorasan rangelands)

صفحه 101-111
A. Tavili؛ M. Rostampour؛ m.a Zare Chahouki؛ J. Farzadmehr

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