Comparison of Static and Dynamic Balance in Different Athletes

صفحه 5-22
aliasghar Norasteh؛ hamid Mohebbi؛ sareh Shah Heidari


The Effect of Concurrent Plantar Flexor Stretching and VMO Strengthening in Female Patients with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

صفحه 23-34
Kh Khayam bashi؛ mehdi A’raab؛ sohil Satari؛ zinab Mohammad Khani


The Effect of Quadriceps Fatigue on Dynamic Balance While Walking

صفحه 35-49
Kh Khayam bashi؛ mihsen Razeghi؛ aram Abolghasemnejad؛ hosien Mojtahedi


The Effect of Selected Combined Training on Strength,Balance and Life Quality of Multiple Sclerosis Patients

صفحه 51-64
M.R Kordi؛ lila Anousheh؛ sara Khodadadeh؛ niko Khosravi؛ bahram Sanglaji


The Validity of an Innovative Image Processing Method to Measure Q Angle in Supine Position

صفحه 81-96
mohammad rahimi؛ naser Mahrshad


The Study of Static and Dynamic Balance in Mentally Retarded Female Students with and without Down Syndrome (DS)

صفحه 97-113
pegah Rahmani؛ hosien Shahrokhi


The Comparison of Iliotibial Band Length and Q Angle in Athletes with and without Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

صفحه 115-131
seyede leila mousavi؛ aliasghar Norasteh


The Effect of the Fatigue in Lower Extremity Proximal and Distal Muscles on Dynamic Balance in Male Soccer Players

صفحه 65-80
Sadredin Shojadin؛ kamran johari؛ heidar Sadaghi

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