Rubber and Methane Recovery from Deproteinized Natural Rubber Wastewater by Coagulation Pre-treatment and Anaerobic Treatment

صفحه 577-584
M. Hatamoto؛ H. Nagai؛ S. Sato؛ M. Takahashi؛ S. Kawakami؛ P.K. Choeisai؛ S. Syutsubo؛ A. Ohashi؛ T. Yamaguchi


Research Effort, Functional Integration, and Environmental Action-Based Competitive Advantage: An Empirical Study

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B. Junquera؛ J. del Brío


Contribution of Soil, Sulfate, and Biomass Burning Sources to the Elemental Composition of PM10 from Mexico City

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Anthropogenic Contributions to Heavy Metal Distributions in the Surface and Sub-surface Sediments of the Northern Coast of Sfax, Tunisia

صفحه 613-626
M.M. Serbaji؛ C. Azri؛ K. Medhioub


Effect of Aeration Rate on Biosurfactin Production in a Miniaturized Bioreactor

صفحه 627-634
S. Jokari؛ H. Rashedi؛ G.H. Amoabediny؛ F. Yazdian؛ M. Rezvani؛ A.S. Hatamian Zarmi


Government Facilitator Roles and Ecopreneurship in Environmental NGOs

صفحه 635-644
S.M. Moghimi؛ A. Alambeigi,


The Evaluation of Sea Surface Topography Models based on the Combination of the Satellite altimetry and the Global Geoid Models in the Persian Gulf

صفحه 645-652
S.M.T. Sadatipour؛ R. Kiamehr؛ M. Abrehdary؛ A.R. Sharifi


Green Spaces Trends in the City of Port Elizabeth from 1990 to 2000 using Remote Sensing

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J.O. Odindi؛ P. Mhangara


Nitrate and Chloride Concentrations in Groundwater beneath a Portion of the Trinity Group Outcrop Zone, Texas

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P.E. Hudak


Mild Temperature Oxidation of Phenol over Rare Earth Exchanged Aluminum Pillared Montmorillonites

صفحه 669-676
M. Kurian؛ A. Eldhose؛ R.M. Thasleenabi


Prediction of Climate Change Induced Temperature Rise in Regional Scale Using Neural Network

صفحه 677-688
Kh. Ashrafi؛ M. Shafiepour؛ L. Ghasemi؛ B. Araabi


Effects of Environmental Design Inspired by nature on Psychological and Physiological Responses of Clients in Medical Spaces

صفحه 689-694
M. Saffarinia؛ S. Tavakkoli؛ A. Alipor


Heavy Metals Levels in Forage Grasses, Leachate and Lactating Cows Reared around Lead Slag Dumpsites in Nigeria

صفحه 695-702
M.B. Ogundiran؛ D.T. Ogundele؛ P.G. Afolayan؛ O. Osibanjo


Effect of European Black Alder Monocultures on The Characteristics of Reclaimed Mine Soil

صفحه 703-710
Z. Miletić؛ M. Knežević؛ S. Stajić؛ O. Košanin؛ I. Đorđević


An Efficient Removal of Arsenic from Industrial Effluents using Electro-coagulation as Clean Technology Option

صفحه 711-718
R. Daniel؛ A.V.S. Prabhakara Rao


Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Media using Mediterranean Posidonia oceanica biomass : Adsorption Studies and salt Competition Investigation

صفحه 719-732
F. Krika؛ N. Azzouz؛ M. C. Ncibi


Breeding Biology of the Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis in Southern Coasts of The Caspian Sea, Iran

صفحه 733-738
R. Rahimi؛ S.M. Monavari؛ M. Karami؛ M. Shariat؛ P. Farshchi


Pre-concentration and Determination of Platinum (IV) in Water Samples Using Chelating Resin by Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-AES)

صفحه 739-750
H. Sid Kalal؛ H. Hoveidi؛ M. Thagiof؛ N. Pakizevand؛ M.R. Almasian؛ M.A. Firoozzare


Biosurfactants Production During Diesel Biodegranation by Mixed Microbial Consortia Selected From Polluted Spolls

صفحه 751-760
E. Moliterni؛ R. Gómez؛ L. Rodríguez؛ F.J. Fernández؛ J. Villaseñor


Anaerobic Digestion of Nssc Pulping Effluent

صفحه 761-768
A. Arshad؛ N.H. Hashim


Toxic Effects of Zinc Cyanide on Some Protein Metabolites in Fresh water fish, Cirrhinus mrigala (Hamilton)

صفحه 769-778
A. Shwetha؛ B.B. Hosetti؛ P.N. Dube


Characterisation of Heavy Metals in Lichen Species Hypogymnia physodes and Evernia prunastri due to Biomonitoring of Air Pollution in the Vicinity of Copper Mine

صفحه 779-792
B. Balabanova؛ T. Stafilov؛ R. Šajn؛ K. Baèeva


Interaction Between Cadmium and Lead and the Effects of These on the Concentration of Zinc and Manganese in Sunflower

صفحه 793-800
B. Motesharezadeh؛ GH.R. Savaghebi


Life Cycle Assessment of Advanced Zero Emission Combined Cycle Power Plants

صفحه 801-814
A. Ataei؛ A. Iranmanesh؛ Z. Rashidi


An Investigation on Changes and Prediction of Urmia Lake water Surface Evaporation by Chaos Theory

صفحه 815-824
S. Farzin؛ P. Ifaei؛ N. Farzin؛ Y. Hassanzadeh؛ M.T. Aalami

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