Analyzing and Optimization a Two Echelon Supply Chain with Uncertainly Returned Product

صفحه 119-132
A. Aghaei؛ F. Zandi


A Modified PCA Approach for Solving MADM Problems with Dependent Criteria

صفحه 133-145
V. Baradaran؛ R. B. Kazem zadeh؛ A. H. Amiri؛ H. Mogouie


A Multi-product and Multi-period Model for a Procurement-production-distribution in Supply Chain with Fuzzy Parameters

صفحه 147-158
A. Pourrousta؛ R. Tavakkoli- Moghaddam؛ S. Ebrahimnejad


A Model to Optimize the Design of a Reverse Logistic Network under Uncertainty

صفحه 159-173
M.J. Tarokh؛ M. EsmaeiliGookeh؛ Sh. Torabi


Stress- strength Reliability Improvement Using Multiple Response Surface Methodology

صفحه 175-183
T. H. Hejazi؛ M. Seyyed- Esfahani؛ E. Khorram


Introducing a Novel Mathematical Model for School Vehicle Routing Problem and Proposing a New Algorithm to Solve It

صفحه 185-194
J. Razmi؛ M. Yousefi


A Novel Initial Solution Generation Procedure for Toc- based Product Mix Problem Heuristics

صفحه 195-204
H. Rafiei؛ S. A. Torabi


Repair Scheduling of Returned Products with Spare Parts Lot Sizing and Scheduling in Two Level Reverse Logistics

صفحه 205-218
S. H. Zegordi؛ M. S. Amalnick؛ M. Yavari


A Hybrid Meta-heuristic Approach for the Capacitated Location-Routing Problem with Hard Time Windows

صفحه 219-233
A.R. Mohammadishad؛ P. Fattahi

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