Introducing a New and Simple Protocol for Capillary Electrophoresis of Cell Free Fetal Double Stranded DNA

صفحه 305-308
H. Modarressi؛ M. R. Noori-Daloii؛ F. Karami


Genetic Diversity and Differentiation of Secale strictum Accessions Based on Phenotypic Traits and Seed Storage Protein ProfilesThe genetic diversity of nine wild Secale strictum accessions was studied using seed storage protein profiles and phenotypic traits. Offsprings and phenotypically superior offsprings of the nine wild accessions were also evaluated and compared with their parental accessions to assess their genetic variability based on seed storage proteins and seed germination parameter

صفحه 309-321
P. Salehi Shanjani؛ A.A. Jafari؛ M. Calagari


An Efficient, Three-Component Synthesis of 3,4-Di Hydropyrimidin-2(1H)-Ones Using LaCl3/ClCH2COOH as Environmentally Benign and Green Catalytic System

صفحه 323-327
B. Pouramiri؛ E. Tavakolinejad Kermany؛ H. Khajesamani؛ H. Khabazzadeh


Recyclable Boron Sulfonic Acid as an Environmentally Benign Catalyst for the One-Pot Synthesis of Coumarin Derivatives under Solvent-Free Condition

صفحه 329-337
S. Rezayati؛ S. Sajjadifar


Hydrothermal synthesis of cobalt oxide nanoparticles: Its optical and magnetic properties

صفحه 339-343
M. Yarestani؛ A.D. Khalaji؛ A. Rohani؛ D. Das


Estimated Annual Effective Doses of Radon in Springs and Qanats Nearby Kouhbanan Active Fault System; Iran

صفحه 345-355
F. Iranmanesh؛ A. Shafiei Bafti؛ A. Negarestani؛ M. Malakootian


Early Miocene (Burdigalian) Gastropod Faunas of Vareh Zard section, North of Pole-Dokhtar, (Lorestan, Iran)

صفحه 357-367
I. Maghfouri Moghaddam


Subpullbacks and Po-flatness Properties of S-posets

صفحه 369-377
A. Golchin؛ L. Nouri


A Kind of Non-commuting Graph of Finite Groups

صفحه 379-384
B. Tolue؛ A. Erfanian؛ A. Jafarzadeh

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