3D Inversion of Magnetic Data through Wavelet based Regularization Method

صفحه 1-18
Maysam Abedi؛ Hamid-Reza Siahkoohi؛ Ali Gholami؛ Gholam-Hossain Norouzi


The Flotation System Optimization in Alborz-Sharghi Coal Washing Plant; A Laboratory Study

صفحه 19-32
Ahmad Fattahi Mejlej؛ Behshad Jodeiri Shokri؛ Masoud Zare Naghadehi


Thermal Analysis: A Complementary Method to Study the Shurijeh Clay Minerals

صفحه 33-45
Golnaz Jozanikohan؛ Fereydoun Sahabi؛ Gholam Hossain Norouzi؛ Hossein Memarian


Numerical simulation of liquefaction susceptibility of soil interacting by single pile

صفحه 47-56
Ahmad Asaadi؛ Mohammad Sharifipour


Magnetic susceptibility as a tool for mineral exploration (Case study: Southern of Zagros Mountains)

صفحه 57-66
mohammad boroomand؛ Abdolreza Safari؛ abbas Bahroudi


Considering the Epistemic Uncertainties of the Variogram Model in Locating Additional Exploratory Drillholes

صفحه 67-74
Saeed Soltani؛ Abbas Soltani


Estimation of metallurgical parameters of flotation process from froth visual features

صفحه 75-81
Mohammad Massinaei


An investigation of the corrosive wear of steel balls in grinding of sulphide ores

صفحه 83-91
Asghar Azizi؛ Seid Ziaoddin Shafaei؛ Mohammad Noaparast؛ Mohammad Karamoozian


Optimization of Conformal Mapping Functions used in Developing Closed-Form Solutions for Underground Structures with Conventional cross Sections

صفحه 93-102
Ali Nazem؛ Mohammad Farouq Hossaini؛ Hossein Rahami؛ Rohollah Bolghonabadi


Zn(II) Adsorption Study onto Soils of Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine

صفحه 103-111
Haniyeh Jalayeri؛ Mansour Ziaii؛ Mohammad Mehdi Salarirad


A New GIS based Application of Sequential Technique to Prospect Karstic Groundwater using Remotely Sensed and Geoelectrical Methods in Karstified Tepal Area, Shahrood, Iran

صفحه 113-130
Fereydoun Sharifi؛ Ali Reza Arab-Amiri؛ Abolghasem Kamkar-Rouhani؛ Mahyar Yousefi؛ Behzad Tokhmechi


Joint Bayesian Stochastic Inversion of Well Logs and Seismic Data for Volumetric Uncertainty Analysis

صفحه 131-142
Moslem Moradi؛ Omid Asghari؛ Gholamhossein Norouzi؛ Mohammad Riahi؛ Reza Sokooti


Development of a Dynamic Population Balance Plant Simulator for Mineral Processing Circuits

صفحه 143-153
Fatemeh Khoshnam؛ Mohammad reza Khalesi؛ Ahmad Khodadadi Darban؛ Mohammad Javad Zarei

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