Investigation of the Use of Various Silica Source on NaX Zeolite Properties

صفحه 1-7
Atieh Eskandari؛ Mansoor Anbia؛ Mansour Jahangiri؛ Fariba Mohammadi Nejati


Using Intelligent Methods and Optimization of the Existing Empirical Correlations for Iranian Dead Oil Viscosity

صفحه 9-17
Kamyar Movagharnejad؛ Soraya Ghanbari


Modeling of Pressure Dependence of Interfacial Tension Behaviors of Supercritical CO2 + Crude Oil Systems Using a Basic Parachor Expression

صفحه 19-27
Saini Dayanand


Pressure Loss Estimation of Three-Phase Flow in Inclined Annuli for Underbalanced Drilling Condition using Artificial Intelligence

صفحه 29-35
Reza Rooki


Evaluating the Effect of Graphite Source and Operating Conditions on the Synthesis of Graphene Oxide

صفحه 37-45
Bahareh Kianpour؛ Akram Ebrahimi؛ Zeinab Salehi؛ Shohreh Fatemi


Experimental Studies on the Conical Cap tray Performance

صفحه 47-52
Taleb Zarei؛ Jamshid Khorshidi؛ Rahbar Rahimi؛ Ali Zarei


Online Detection of Hydrodynamic Changes in Fluidized Bed using Cross Average Diagonal Line

صفحه 53-60
Hooman Ziaei-Halimejani؛ Reza Zarghami؛ Navid Mostoufi


Application of “Sink & Source” and “Stream wise” Methods for Exergy Analysis of Two MED Desalination Systems

صفحه 61-72
Hossein Ahamdi Danesh-Ashtiani؛ Hamid Abdollah-Zargar

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