Effect of Co-existing Heavy Metals and Natural Organic Matter on Sorption/Desorption of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soil: A Review

صفحه 1-24
M. Saeedi؛ Loretta Y. Li؛ John R. Grace


Sustainability of Aluminium Oxide Nanoparticles Blended Mahua Biodiesel to the Direct Injection Diesel Engine Performance and Emission Analysis

صفحه 25-33
P. M. Rastogi؛ N. Kumar؛ A. Sharma؛ D. Vyas؛ A. Gajbhiye


The Use of Astacus leptodactylus (Eschscholtz, 1823) as a Test Species for Toxicity Evaluation of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluents

صفحه 35-41
N. Cikcikoglu Yildirim؛ O. Aksu؛ S. Tatar؛ N. Yildirim


Carbon Monoxide Prediction in the Atmosphere of Tehran Using Developed Support Vector Machine

صفحه 43-57
A. Akbarzadeh؛ M. R. Vesali Naseh؛ M. NodeFarahani


Analysis of Heavy Metal Contents and Non-carcinogenic Health Risk Assessment through Consumption of Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis niloticus)

صفحه 59-67
L. Tayebi؛ S. Sobhanardakani


Assessment of Heavy Metals Contamination and the Risk of Target Hazard Quotient in Some Vegetables in Isfahan

صفحه 69-78
H. Miranzadeh Mahabadi؛ M. Ramroudi؛ M. R. Asgharipour؛ H. R. Rahmani؛ M. Afyuni


Performance of a Dual Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell using Sodium Chloride as Catholyte

صفحه 79-86
K. Singh؛ . Dharmendra


Study of Solute Dispersion with Source/Sink Impact in Semi-Infinite Porous Medium

صفحه 87-98
R. Kumar؛ A. Chatterjee؛ M. K. Singh؛ V. P. Singh


Emerging Pollutants in Aquatic Environment: Source, Effect, and Challenges in Biomonitoring and Bioremediation- A Review

صفحه 99-113
N. Patel؛ MD. Z. A. Khan؛ S. Shahane؛ D. Rai؛ D. Chauhan؛ C. Kant؛ V. K. Chaudhary


Health Impacts Assessment due to PM2.5, PM10 and NO2 Exposure in National Capital Territory (NCT) Delhi

صفحه 115-126
F. R. Afghan؛ S. K. Patidar


O-Anisidine Degradation by Fenton’s Reagent and Reaction Time Estimation

صفحه 127-134
N. K. Chaturvedi؛ S. S. Katoch


Development of the Ethyl Ester from Jatropa Oil through Response Surface Methodology Approach

صفحه 135-147
R. Gautam؛ N. Ansari؛ A. Sharma؛ Y. Singh


Nitrate Bioremoval by Phytotechnology using Utricularia aurea Collected from Eutrophic Lake of Theerthamkara, Kerala, India

صفحه 149-157
K. Usharani؛ K.V. Keerthi


Optimization of Crystal Violet Adsorption by Chemically Modified Potato Starch Using Response Surface Methodology

صفحه 159-170
M. Bahrami؛ M. J. Amiri؛ F. Bagheri


Removal of Methyl Orange Dye from Aqueous Solution by a Low-Cost Activated Carbon Prepared from Mahagoni (Swietenia mahagoni) Bark

صفحه 171-184
G. C. Ghosh؛ T. K. Chakraborty؛ S. Zaman؛ M. N. Nahar؛ A. H. M. E. Kabir


Production of Nanofibers Containing Magnesium Oxide Nanoparticles for the Purpose of Bioaerosol Removal

صفحه 185-196
S. F. Dehghan؛ F. Golbabaei؛ T. Mousavi؛ H. Mohammadi؛ M. H. Kohneshahri؛ R. Bakhtiari


Development of Membrane Bioreactor to Membrane Electro-bioreactor for Advanced Treatment of Wastewater

صفحه 197-210
A. Yeganeh؛ GH. Nabi-Bidhendi؛ H. Rashedi؛ M. Hosseinzadeh


Appraisal the Protective Effects of Cymbopogon Schoenanthus Extract against Reproductive Disorders and Carcinogenic Effects of Formalin in Experimental Male Rats

صفحه 211-221
M. M. Sief؛ S. M. Sherif؛ M. H. Abdel-Aziz؛ S. A. Sherein؛ M. A. Mona؛ S. Ramzy

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