Effects of Aluminum Incorporation in Tobermorite Structure on Chloride Diffusion: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study

صفحه 1-13
Behnam Zehtab؛ Amir Tarighat


Axisymmetric Scaled Boundary Finite Element Formulation for Wave Propagation in Unbounded Layered Media

صفحه 15-31
Mojtaba Aslmand؛ Iradj Mahmoudzadeh Kani


Investigating the Performance of Cracked Asphalt Pavement Using Finite Elements Analysis

صفحه 33-51
Milad Tajdini؛ asan taherkhani


A Modification on Applied Element Method for Linear Analysis of Structures in the Range of Small and Large Deformations Based on Energy Concept

صفحه 53-69
Mohamadreza Shokri؛ Hamidreza Tavakoli؛ Ali Rahmani


Assessment of Near-Fault Ground Motion Effects on the Fragility Curves of Tall Steel Moment Resisting Frames

صفحه 71-88
Seyed Ahmad Mobinipour؛ Saeid Pourzeynali


Improving Cyclic Behavior of Steel Plate Shear Walls with Elliptical Perforations

صفحه 89-102
Ebrahim Zamani Beydokhti؛ Hashem Khatibi


Application of SCB Test and Surface Free Energy Method in Evaluating Crack Resistance of SBS Modified Asphalt Mixes

صفحه 103-114
Amir Kavussi؛ Behzad Naderi


Effect of Objective Function on the Optimization of Highway Vertical Alignment by Means of Metaheuristic Algorithms

صفحه 115-136
Ali Reza Ghanizadeh؛ Nasrin Heidarabadizadeh؛ Mohammad Javad Mahmoodabadi


Investigation of the Effects of Link Beam Length on the RC Frame Retrofitted with the Linked Column Frame System

صفحه 137-159
Alireza Ezoddin؛ A. kheyroddin؛ Majid Gholhaki


Validation of the Driver Behavior Questionnaire in a Representative Sample of Iranian Drivers

صفحه 161-171
Nasser Parishad؛ Kayvan Aghabayk؛ Rose Rezaie؛ Alireza Samerei؛ Amin Mohammadi


Discrete Element Modeling of Dynamic Compaction with Different Tamping Condition

صفحه 173-188
Ali Ghassemi؛ Seyed Sahand Shahebrahimi


Analyzing the Effects of Soil-Structure Interactions on the Static Response of Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations Using Finite Element Method

صفحه 189-205
Amin Motallebiyan؛ Meysam Bayat؛ Bahram Nadi

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