Optimization of the Sono-Biodiesel in the Attendance of ZnO Nanoparticles, Process Yield Enhancement: Box Behnken Design

صفحه 1-14
Basir Maleki؛ Seyed Siamak Ashraf Talesh


New Relative Permeability Correlations for Carbonate Reservoirs through Data-Driven Modeling

صفحه 15-35
Ehsan Bahonar؛ Yaser Ghalenoei؛ Sadegh Salmani


Investigation of Surface Treatment of Carbon Fiber by Dynamic Method in the Polyurethane Composites

صفحه 37-52
Mohamad Reza Pourhosseini؛ Amir Kaveh؛ Morteza Ahmadi؛ mahdi jafari؛ Omid Moeini-Jazani


Simulation-Based Optimization for Multi-Stage Crude Oil Production Units: Economic Evaluation and Decision-Making Process

صفحه 53-75
Soleiman Mosleh؛ Ali Hosseini؛ Zahra Alipour


The Effect of Preparation Method on the Activity of Bimetallic Ni-Fe Catalyst in Dry Reforming of Methane

صفحه 77-87
Gholamreza Moradi؛ Hamed Hemmati؛ Hamed Rezaei؛ Saeed Rafiee


Experimental Investigation and Thermodynamic Modeling in Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium of Water + Propionic Acid + Cyclic Alcohols at T= 303.2, 313.2 and 323.2 K

صفحه 89-104
Faezeh Shahbazi؛ Majid Mohadesi


Techno-Economic Assessment of the AHP Based Selected Method for Separating Formic Acid from an Aqueous Effluent

صفحه 105-121
Siamak Alipour؛ Arash Sadeghi؛ Hamid Omidvarborna؛ Asadollah Karimi


Dissociation Enthalpy of Methane/Carbon dioxide/Nitrogen and Tetra n-butylammonium Chloride Semiclathrate Hydrates Using the Clausius-Clapeyron Equation

صفحه 123-131
Abolfazl Mohammadi؛ Mohammad Aryaeipanah؛ Maryam Hakimizadeh


CFD Study of Calibration Factor for Cross Correlation Based Ultrasonic Flowmeter at Different Upstream Pipe Lengths

صفحه 133-152
Mohammad Amin Alaeddin؛ Seyed Hassan Hashemabadi


Energy Analysis on the Effect of Magnetic Field on Nanoparticles Fluidization

صفحه 153-164
Hamed Hoorijani؛ Navid Mostoufi؛ Reza Zarghami


Preparation of Activated Carbon from Entada Africana Guill. & Perr for CO2 Capture: Artificial Neural Network and Isotherm Modeling

صفحه 165-180
Zohreh Khoshraftar؛ Ahad Ghaemi


Investigation of Mass Transfer Diffusivity Dependency in Drying Process of Lemon

صفحه 181-191
Hooman Ziaei-Halimejani؛ Morteza Sadeghnejad؛ Hedayat Azizpour؛ Hossein Bahmanyar

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