Gold prospectivity mapping through generation and integration of geophysical, geochemical, remote sensing and geological evidence layers in Saqez area, NW Iran

صفحه 351-363
Farzaneh Mami khalifani؛ Samaneh Barak؛ Maysam Abedi؛ Saeed Yousefi


Recognition coefficient of spatial geological features, an approach to facilitate criteria weighting for mineral exploration targeting

صفحه 365-372
Mahyar Yousefi؛ Saeed Yousefi؛ A.Ghasem Kamkar Rouhani


A Hybrid Fuzzy Ordered Weighted Averaging Method in Mineral Prospectivity Mapping: a case for Porphyry Cu Exploration in Chahargonbad District, Iran

صفحه 373-380
Shokouh Riahi؛ Maysam Abedi؛ Abbas Bahroudi


A multi-disciplinary and exploratory geospatial data set integration for porphyry copper prospectivity mapping in Kerman belt, Iran

صفحه 381-387
Sareh Sadigh؛ Mirsaleh Mirmohammadi؛ Omid Asghari؛ Alok Porwal


Hydrocarbon reservoir potential mapping through Permeability estimation by a CUDNNLSTM Deep Learning Algorithm

صفحه 389-396
Behnia Azizzadeh mehmandoust Olya؛ Reza Mohebian


Mineral potential mapping of porphyry copper deposit by translating the mineral system using soil geochemistry data at Kahang, Iran

صفحه 397-404
Saeid Hajsadeghi؛ Mirsaleh Mirmohammadi؛ Omid Asghari


Investigating the performance of continuous weighting functions in the integration of exploration data for mineral potential modeling using artificial neural networks, geometric average and fuzzy gamma operators

صفحه 405-412
Esmaeil Bahri؛ Andisheh Alimoradi؛ Mahyar Yousefi


Hydrocarbon potential evaluation in the Low Resistivity Pays (LRP) of Sarvak formation with combining Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and seismic data, one of the hydrocarbon reservoirs in southwest of Iran

صفحه 413-426
Sina Amirnejad؛ Reza Mohebian؛ Abbas Bahroudi؛ Saman Jahanbakhshi


Exploring Geothermal Potential through Multi-Modal Geophysical Data Integration: Gravity, Magnetic, and Magnetotelluric Prospecting

صفحه 427-434
Ahmad Afshar؛ Gholam Hossain Norouzi؛ Ali Moradzadeh


Predicting gold grade by using support vector machine and neural network to generate an evidence layer for 3D prospectivity analysis

صفحه 435-444
Kamran Mostafaei؛ Shahoo Maleki؛ Behshad Jodeiri Shokri؛ Mahyar Yousefi


Delineation of mineral potential zone using U-statistic method in processing satellite remote sensing images

صفحه 445-453
Seyyed saeed Ghannadpour؛ Samaneh Esmailzadeh Kalkhoran؛ Hadi Jalili؛ Maedeh Behifar


Spatially weighted singularity mapping in conjunction with random forest algorithm for mineral prospectivity modeling

صفحه 455-460
Saeid Ghasemzadeh؛ Abbas Maghsoudi؛ Mahyar Yousefi؛ Oliver Kreuzer

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