“Influence of Behavioural Biases on Market Investment Behaviour-Mediating Role of Brand Trust”

صفحه 1-19
Pooja Chaturvedi Sharma


Ports War: Determining Gwadar and Chabahar Ports Trade Attractiveness Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

صفحه 21-35
Yousaf Ali؛ Muhammad Sabir؛ Pashmina Amjad؛ Wajeeh Najam؛ Murtaza Shafiq


An Evaluation and Analysis of Perceived Online Service Quality Dimensions Impacts on Online Purchasing Behavior of Luxury Cosmetic Products by Women

صفحه 37-52
Fatemeh Golalizadeh؛ Bahram Ranjbarian؛ Azarnoush Ansari


The Developments Following the COVID-19 Outbreak From the Perspective of the Turkish Banking Sector

صفحه 53-69
Asiyenur Helhel؛ Yesim Helhel


Designing the Insurance Coverage Model for FinTech Startups: A Novel Approach to the Necessity of Digital Transformation Track of in Insurance

صفحه 71-94
Zahra Poorhadi Poshtiri؛ Ali Gholipour Soleimani؛ Narges Delafrooz؛ Kambiz Shahroodi


Mediating Effect of CSR on the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Performance in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

صفحه 95-110
Ashish Thapa؛ Daleep Parimoo؛ Raj Kovid؛ Gunjan Sharma


Interconnectedness and Risk Spillovers among Selected Indian Stocks During the COVID-19 Pandemic

صفحه 111-123
Baranidharan S؛ Harishchandra Singh Rathod؛ Murtala Abdu


Identifying the Factors that Form Corporate Governance in International Joint Ventures: Learning from the Joint Investment Companies Located in the Middle East

صفحه 125-146
Mohammad Hadi Sadegh؛ Maryam Parchami Sarghein


What Drives Muslim Investors to Be Sri? The Role of Religiosity

صفحه 147-168
Hasan Al-Banna؛ Syayyidah maftuhatul Jannah


Predicting the Level of Salesperson’s Performance in Encouraging Customers to Use Appropriate Shopping Strategies in Sports Clubs

صفحه 169-183
Karim Zohrehvandian؛ Hossein Ghaffarian؛ Ahmad Mahmoudi


Comprehensive Review on Audit Expectation Gap: A Meta-Synthesis Approach

صفحه 185-202
Masoumeh Shahsavari؛ Mahdi Salehi؛ Mohammad Ali Ali Bagherpour Velashani


When Silent isn’t Golden: Measurement Validation Amo-Enhancing Hrm Practices in Malaysian Construction Firms

صفحه 203-217
Lee Chin Tay؛ Tan Fee Yean


Developing a Model for Customer Retention Through Value Co-creation in Service Projects: A Study of Relationships and Interactions Between Iranian Firms and Their Clients

صفحه 219-237
Ali Asghar Tashakkori؛ Fereshteh Lotfizadeh؛ Homa Doroudi


How Entrepreneurial Marketing Leads to Customer Satisfaction (The Mediation Effect of Customer Value)

صفحه 239-257
Vahideh Tabasi Lotfabadi؛ Nasim Karimi؛ Seyedeh Fatemeh Ghasempour Ganji


Novel Approaches for Determining Exogenous Weights in Dynamic Networks DEA

صفحه 259-275
Hoda Moradi؛ Hamid Babaei Meybodi؛ Mozhde Rabbani


Are Indian Consumers willing to share personal data to avail personalized recommendations? - Indian Artificial Intelligence Market Perspective

صفحه 277-293
Renu Isidore؛ C. Joe Arun


The Effect of Logo Attitude on Brand Extension Attitude

صفحه 295-310
Bahareh Osanlou؛ Fatemeh Darvish


Exploring the antecedents of motivation on employee performance in the leather industry in South India

صفحه 311-329
S. Sharmeen Mehak؛ H. Moideen Batcha


Identifying and prioritizing strategies for Iran’s medical tourism development

صفحه 331-345
Moslem Bagheri؛ Ali Asghar Mobasheri؛ Fatemeh Shekari؛ Zahra Moaven؛ Amin Nikbakht


Consumer's Reaction to the Observance of Hygienic Principles in the Stores During the Outbreak of COVID-19Pandemic

صفحه 347-364
Mohsen Akbari؛ Salman Eivazinezhad؛ Arezoo Hosseinzadeh

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب