Systematic Mapping on Research Methodology in the Field of E-commerce

صفحه 435-455
Elham Asadamraji؛ Hasanali Nemati؛ Ayoub Mohamadian


The Effect of Managers’ ICT Skills on Learning Organization Dimensions in Agricultural Consulting Firms in Isfahan Province

صفحه 621-643
Ahmad yaghoubi farani؛ Zahra Haji hashemi؛ Heshmatollah Saadi


The Investigation of E-Business Trends by Using Social Network Analysis Technique during 1980 to 2015

صفحه 499-518
Seyed Mohammad Jafar Jalali؛ Elahe Mahizadeh


Analyzing Open Innovation Dimensions Based on Information Technology Development in Knowledge-Based Firms: Integration of BSC, FANP and DEMATEL

صفحه 519-540
Gholamreza Jamali


A Decision Support System Based on Genetic Algorithm (Case Study: Scheduling in Supply Chain)

صفحه 455-476
Mohammad Ali Beheheshtinia؛ Mani Ghahremani


Fraud Detection in Credit Card Transactions; Using Parallel Processing of Anomalies in Big Data

صفحه 477-498
Mohammad Reza Taghva؛ Taha Mansouri؛ Kamran Feizi؛ Babak Akhgar


Modeling Factors Affecting the Physical Access to Computers and Internet Using Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Networks

صفحه 451-566
Taher Roshandel Arbateni؛ Hossein Kazemi؛ Fahimeh Hajesmaeili


An Outsourcing Expert System for Governing Organizations

صفحه 567-590
Meisam Shahbazi؛ Farhad Kianifar


A Model for Electronic Good Governance in Electronic Learning Sector of Iran

صفحه 591-620
Alireza Moghaddasi؛ Amir Manian؛ Rahmatollah Gholipoor؛ Alireza Hasanzadeh

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