Effect of Barley and Oat Plants on Phytoremediation of Petroleum Polluted Soils

صفحه 695-703
M. Barati؛ S. Safarzadeh؛ D. Mowla؛ F. Bakhtiari


Emissions and Fuel Life Cycle Assessment of Non-passenger Diesel Vehicles in Qatar

صفحه 705-723
H. Al-Thani؛ S. Al-Ghamdi؛ M. Koc؛ R. j. Isaifan


Performance and emission characteristics of the diesel engine running on neem (Azadirachta indica) biodiesel with effect of exhaust gas recirculation at optimum injection strategies

صفحه 725-735
Y. Singh؛ A. Singla؛ A. Sharma؛ N. K. Singh


Air Pollution in the Capital City of Bangladesh: Its Causes and Impacts on Human Health

صفحه 737-750
K. E. Khuda


Algal Indices as a Biomonitoring Tool to Assess Eutrophication in the Urban Ponds: a Case Study

صفحه 751-757
R. Vishal؛ B. Meeta


Spatiotemporal Analysis of Carbon Monoxide Observed by Terra/MOPITT in the Troposphere of Iran

صفحه 759-771
K. Raispour؛ Y. Khosravi


Synthesis and Characterization of Zero Valent Iron Nanoparticles for Textile Wastewater Treatment

صفحه 773-783
N. Nigam Ahuja؛ A.A. Ansari؛ R. Rajput؛ P. Singh


Synthesis and Photocatlytic Application of Drinking Water Treatment Sludge @ TiO2 Composite for Degradation of Methylene Blue Dye

صفحه 785-799
M.N. Rashed؛ M. A. El Taher؛ S. M. M. Fadlalla


Analyses and Pollution Potential of heavy metals at The Jerangau-Jabor Landfill in Kuantan, Malaysia

صفحه 801-810
N. F. How F.؛ N. S. Mohd Noh؛ N. A. Nordin؛ D. F. N. Abang Sapani


Phytoremediation of soil Contaminated by Heavy Metals within a Technical Landfill Center Vicinity: Algerian Case Study

صفحه 811-826
Kh. Boukaka؛ B. Mayache


Physiological and Growth Responses to Pollutant-Induced Biochemical Changes in Plants: A Review

صفحه 827-848
C. Mulenga؛ C. Clarke؛ M. Meincken


Evaluating the Accumulation and Consumption Hazard Risk of Heavy Metals in the Fish Muscles of Species Living in the Waters of the Persian Gulf, Iran

صفحه 849-862
M. Norouzi


Vapor Loss of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the Shipping Port of Abadan Petroleum Refinery

صفحه 863-878
M. R. Raazi Tabari؛ S. Sabzalipour؛ S. M. Peyghambarzadeh؛ R. jalilzadeh


Taguchi Optimization of Adsorptive Treatment of Effluent from Lead-acid Battery Recycling unit Using Pressmud-a Sugar Industry Waste

صفحه 879-892
S. Meshram؛ C. Thakur؛ A. B. Soni


Application of a Decision-Making Model to Reduce CO2 Emissions in Iran (Case Study: CHP-CCS technology and renewable energy)

صفحه 893-908
H. R. Alinejad؛ A. Behbahaninia؛ M. Mackialeagha


Application of Pollution Indices and Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in the waters of a South-eastern Nigeria River

صفحه 909-922
E. D. Anyanwu؛ O. G. Adetunji؛ E. D. David Nwachukwu


Pb phytostabilization by fast-growing trees inoculated with Pb-resistant plant growth-promoting endophytic bacterium

صفحه 923-934
Jiraporn Yongpisanphop؛ S. Babel؛ M. Kruatrachue؛ P. Pokethitiyook


Synthesis and characterization of activated carbon from biowaste-walnut shell and application to removal of uranium from waste

صفحه 935-944
M. Yaman؛ M. H. Demirel

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