Proposing a Comprehensive Model of Electronic Learner Satisfaction Path; Case Study: Mehralborz University

صفحه 1-20
Babak Akhgar؛ Seyed Mohammad Reza Nasserzadeh؛ Fahimeh Tabatabayi


Measuring Relationship between Factors Affecting Risk of Mellat Bank IT Projects in Bushehr Province Using Fuzzy DEMATEL

صفحه 21-40
Gholamreza Jamali Jamali؛ Mehdi Hashemi


The Effect of Absorptive Capacity and Corporate Culture on IS Implementation Success in Production Companies of Automobile Segments in the Guilan Province

صفحه 41-68
M.R Ramezanian؛ Narges Bossaghzadeh


Exploring the Effect of Using Information Technology on Functional and Strategic Performances of the Human Resource Management Units in Automaker and Automotive Supplier Companies in Tehran

صفحه 69-88
Hasan Abedi Jafari؛ Mehdi Asadnejad Rokni؛ Hamid Reza Yazdani


Cross Cultural Comparison of Interactivity on Internet Service Providers'(ISP) Websites Between Iran and Malaysia

صفحه 89-106
Shahriar Azizi؛ Marzieh Nasiri


Presenting a Conceptual Model of Customer Feed back Process in Customer Knowledge Management (C.K.M) Approach

صفحه 107-138
Ali Akbar Farhangi؛ Seyed Abolghasem Mira


Performance Evaluation of Enterprise Knowledge Management System Based On Balance ScoredCard and FCEM Method (Case Study: Ministry of Roads And Transportation)

صفحه 139-162
Mohammad Mousakhani؛ Faranak Nadi


Presenting a Conceptual Framework for Identifying the Typology of Customer Knowledge: A Case Study

صفحه 163-189
Mahdi Shami Zanjani؛ Fatemeh Najafloo

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