Solving the MRCPSP/Max with the Objective of Minimizing Tardiness Costs and Maximizing Earliness Rewards of Activities with a Two-stage Genetic Algorithm

صفحه 1-13
Jafar Bagherinejad؛ Fariborz Jolai؛ Zahra Rafiee Majd


A Novel Approach of Artificial Neural Networks Modeling Based on Fuzzy Regression Approach for Forecasting Purposes: The case of liquid gas price in Japan’s market

صفحه 15-24
Ali Torabi؛ Shima Pashapour Nazari؛ Najmeh Neshat


Robust Optimization Approach in Production Planning Problem Considering Rework, Backlogging and Breakdown under Conditions of Uncertainty: an Evolutionary Approach

صفحه 25-37
Masoud Rabani؛ Nilufar Hosseini Aghozi؛ Neda Manavizadeh


Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Method of Financing the Development of Oilfield Contract Buy Back

صفحه 39-53
Mostafa Salari؛ Touraj Dehghani


Path Planning of Manipulator Robots using Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

صفحه 55-68
Ellips Masehian؛ Amirabbas Abouei Mehrizi


Deterministic Inventory Control Model for Perishable Items with Backordering Shortage and Guantity Discount

صفحه 69-80
Mohammad Mahdavi Mazdeh؛ Arshia Riahi Nazari؛ Ata Allah Taleizadeh


A Hybrid Model Based on Seasonal Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average and Locally Linear Nero fuzzy Network for Forecasting Rate of Raining in Zabol

صفحه 81-91
Meisam Nasrollahi؛ Hassan Mina؛ Seyed Farid Ghaderi؛ Reza Ghodsi


Developing a Risk Management Model for Project Based Organizations

صفحه 93-104
Ahad Nazari؛ Majid Jaberi؛ Mohsen Sadegh Amal Nik


A Vehicle Routing Problem with Minimizing Fuel Consumption and Number of Vehicles by Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

صفحه 105-112
Narges Norouzi؛ Jafar Razmi؛ Mohsen Sadegh Amalnick

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