Cooperativity in biological systems

صفحه 1-18
Reza Behrouzi


Transient expression of coding and non-coding regions of PVY confer resistance to virus infection

صفحه 19-31
Marziea Ghanbari Jahromi؛ Hassan Rahnama؛ Amir Mousavi؛ Mohammad Reza Safarnejad؛ Sepide Kalatejari؛ Saeed Soheilivand


Bioactivity of endophytic bacteria and yeasts isolated from Thymus

صفحه 33-42
Sahar Masumi؛ Soheila Mirzaei؛ Doustmorad Zafari؛ Ramezan Kalvandi؛ Alireza Keshtkar


Isolation, identification and biodiversity of endophytic fungi o Thymus

صفحه 43-50
Sahar Masumi؛ Soheila Mirzaei؛ Doustmorad Zafari؛ Ramezan Kalvandi


Transcription of growth hormone mRNA as a molecular marker of egg quality in Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii)

صفحه 51-60
Zeinab abdolahnejad؛ Mohammad Pourkazemi؛ Majid Reza Khoshkholgh


Purification and characterization of an acidic, thermophilic phytase from a newly isolated Geobacillus stearothermophilus strain DM12

صفحه 61-73
Maryam Parhamfar؛ Arastoo Badoei-Dalfard؛ Mouj Khaleghi؛ Mehdi Hassanshahian


Isolation and identification of new beneficial bacterial strains from rhizosphere of Citrus sinensis orchards

صفحه 75-84
Mahnaz Ramezani؛ Ali Riahi Madvar؛ Moj Khaleghi؛ Roohullah Hemmati


Essential oil variations among the natural populations of Francoeuria undulata

صفحه 85-96
Marjan Bastan؛ Hamid Sadeghi


Enhancing the effect of soybean oil refinery byproducts on erythromycin production by Saccharopolyspora erythraea

صفحه 97-109
Javad Hamedi؛ Maryam Rezadehbashi؛ Manuchehr Bahmaei


Effects of agro-chemicals on fishes: With reference to changes in circulating biochemical parameters in Clarias gariepinus induced with Paraquat dichloride

صفحه 111-120
Thomas Ikpesu


Effect of 1-methylcyclopropane in combination with Calcium chloride on postharvest storage and quality of green olives

صفحه 121-131
Fariba Amini؛ AliAkbar Ramin


Antifungal activity of recombinant rice LTP2 on some phytopathogenic fungi

صفحه 133-142
Fatemeh Zebardast؛ Mohammadreza Zamani؛ Mostafa Motallebi؛ Zahra Moghaddassi-Jahromi

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