Modeling Gravity Based Equitable Location Problem on Network and Solving by an Efficient Heuristic Method

صفحه 117-130
maryam omidbakhsh؛ J. Bagherinejad؛ M. Seifbarghy


Modeling and Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Step Cost Function and Loading Consideration: A case study

صفحه 131-143
Mohammad Jafar Tarokh؛ N. Dabiri؛ V. Yadollahnejad Kelmi


Applying Forecasting Models Through Estimate at Completion Cost of Project in Using Earned Value Analysis

صفحه 145-157
Iman Rabiee؛ I. Mahdavi؛ M. Bagherpour؛ R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam


Analysis of Cost Variation Trends in EOQ Models under a One-time-only Price Increasing with Fuzzy Approach

صفحه 159-174
javad taheri-tolgari؛ F. Jolai


Airside of Airport Capacity Enhancement Based On Flexible Flow Shop Multi-Objective Scheduling Model

صفحه 175-185
A. Abdi؛ E. Asadi Gangraj؛ M. Saffarzadeh؛ F. Jolai؛ N. Nahavandi


Performance Assessment of Information Technology Based on Complementary Assets Approach Using Neural Networks: Case Study in Car Parts Manufacturers

صفحه 187-197
abbas Keramati؛ N. Mojir؛ V. Khatibi


Study the Role of Financial Factors on Bullwhip Effect in a Two-stage Supply Chain

صفحه 199-208
Y. Movahedi؛ R. Zolfaghari؛ Fariborz Jolai


Comparative Analysis of Statistical Results of the three Approaches of Design Of Experiments (Taguchi, Classic and Shainin DOE) with A Case Study

صفحه 209-220
A. Momiwand؛ A. Shahin؛ A. H. Navarchian


Clustering Iran Earthquake Data using Improved Ant System-Based Clustering Algorithm (Technical note)

صفحه 221-227
B. Minaei؛ M. Fathian؛ A. R. Jafarian-Moghaddam؛ M. Nasiri


A Prioritization Model for Investing Plans by Hierarchical Decision Making under Uncertainty (Interval Comparison Matrices); a Case Study

صفحه 229-237
M. Narenji؛ A. Forghani؛ A. Pourebrahim

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب