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Data mining of Students Withdrawal at University of Tehran, Focusing on Fee Paid Students (to prevent customer churn)

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Saied Ali Akbar Ahmadi؛ Davood Karimzadgan؛ Toraj Khairati Kazerooni


Fraud Detection Using a Fuzzy Expert System In Motor Insurance

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Seyed Mohammadtaghi TaghaviFard؛ Zahra Jafari


Combines the Apriori and FCM Algorithm to Improve the Extracted Association Rules with Determine the Minimum Support Automatically

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Heydar Jafarzadeh؛ Chamran Asgari؛ Amir Amiry


Designing a Decision Support System for Prioritizing of Banks’ Branches

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Ameneh Khadivar؛ Zahra Mohammadi


A Model in Support of the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Projects by System Dynamics Approach

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Mohammad Rahim Ramazanian؛ Reza Esmaeilpour؛ Marjan Hadidi Masouleh


Survey on the Priority Factors Influencing IT Outsourcing in the Platform of Cloud Computing in Semnan Province Universities by Fuzzy DEMATEL Technique

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Mir Saeed Shafaee Tonekaboni؛ Reza Sheikh؛ Mohammad Mehdi Jalali


Opinion Mining in Persian Language

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Saeedeh Alimardani؛ Abdollah Aghaie


Desining an Expert System for Analyzing the Energy Consumption Behavior of Employees in Organizations Using Rough Set Theory

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Tooraj Karimi


Intelligent Online Store: User Behavior Analysis based Recommender System

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Mohamadreza Karimi Alavije؛ Shiva Askari؛ Sirvan Parasteh


Priority of Mobile Health Applications and its Infrastructures

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Malek Milad Liravi؛ Asadollah Shahbahrami


Challenge of successful KMSs implementation: exploration of effective factors on KM acceptance via mixed method

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Mona Jami Pour؛ Mohammad Hossein Sherkat


Modeling the Innovation Orientation and Market Orientation of Banks Electronic Services Using Hybrid Model of FAHP, FTOPSIS and Possibility Theory

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Ali Mohammadi؛ Mojtaba Khalifeh


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